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Take Two: Dual Celeron in Action!

Benchmarks And Evaluation Part II

To see what will happen if three heavy tasks are running, I repeated the last test and added the playback of the Star Trek IV movie (CDI/MPEG using Xing MPEG Player 3.3) from an IDE CD-ROM. Here the Pentium II CPU is clear in front, as I would have expected it. The bigger the amount of data, the greater is the impact of a larger L2 cache, even if it only runs at half CPU clock speed as with the Pentium II.

Here you can see the render time (in seconds) for the 3DSMax sample flaresun.max, this means the shorter the better. You can see that pure CPU performance has the biggest impact; the bus speed has fewer impact than with memory intensive apps like those of the Highend Winstone.