VIA's New South Bridge: VT82C686B Supporting UltraATA/100

Test Setup

Test Systems
System Intel Celeron 500 or AMD Duron 700
AOpen AX3S Pro (i815 w/ ICH2)
AOpen AX6C (i820 w/ ICH1)
AOpen AX34 Pro (VIA 694X w/ 686A)
Azza KT133BX (KT133 w/ 686B)
RAM 1x 128 MByte SDRAM (Corsair)
PC133, 7ns, CL2
Hard Drive IBM DTLA DeskStar 75GXP
30 GBytes, UltraDMA/100, 7200 rpm
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce DDR Reference Board, 32 MB
Drivers & Software
HDD/Motherboard/ AGP Drivers Intel : INF-Update for 815 and Busmaster IDE Treiber 6.0
VIA : 4in1 Update 4.24
Graphics Drivers NVIDIA Detonator 3 (V. 6.18)
DirectX Version 7.0a
Operating System Windows 98 SE 4.10.2222 A
Benchmarks & Setup
IDE Benchmark HD Tach 2.61
System Benchmark SiSoft Sandra 6.0
Screen Resolution 1024x768x16, 85 Hz
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