Too Much Of A Good Thing? The Lowdown On 128 MB GeForce3 Ti200 Cards


Leadtek's product line also includes two 128 MB cards, which differ only in memory speed. One card carries 5ns memory while the other ships with 4ns modules. We'll be taking a look at the 4ns version. True to their TDH byname, both cards offer TV-Out, DVI and Hardware monitoring functions.

Specifications for the WinFast Titanium 200 TDH are as follows:

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Graphics CardHardwareSoftware
Leadtek WinFast Titanium 200 TDH 128 MBGeForce2 Ti: 175 MHz64 MB, 4 ns, 400 MHz (DDR)GPU / Memory HeatsinkTV-Out (CX25871-13)Hardware MonitoringDVILED'sDriver-CDDVD SoftwareGunlockDronez

Visually, the card's most prominent feature is, without a doubt, its enormous, beautifully milled heatsink. It covers almost the entire circuit board, cooling both the GPU and the memory, and gives the card a very refined look, as well. The fan speed, core voltage and GPU temperature (measured with a dedicated thermal probe) can be monitored during operation using Leadtek's utilities. The status LEDs on the top right-hand side on the front of the card are more of a gag than a useful feature. These three LEDs inform you whether the card is powered, if there is an error, and if the card is running in AGP 4x mode. While, in theory, the idea is quite sound, the execution doesn't seem to have been thought through completely. Since the card is installed into the computer upside-down, you'd need a mirror to check the LEDs. Gainward should consider placing them on the back of the card instead of the front.