Too Much Of A Good Thing? The Lowdown On 128 MB GeForce3 Ti200 Cards



Aquanox is a DirectX 8-based game and uses both pixel and vertex shaders, according to developer Massive Entertainment. Since it uses large high-detail textures and very complex scenery, it is a perfect benchmark to see if the Ti200 can benefit from the extra memory. After all, if 128 MB are going to going to have any impact at all, it's going to be in a complex game with a modern 3D engine.

Aquanox is completely unimpressed by the extra 64 MB of memory. The 1fps difference we see here and there is trivial and well within the margin of error. The only card that can really distance itself from the rest is the Gainward Golden Sample, which is, of course, a direct result of the higher clockspeeds.