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A Hard Disk In A PCI Slot? The Upgradeware HD25-I/IS

Conclusion: Somewhat Overpriced Niche Product

Both adapters functioned without any problems during our test and enabled the installation of a 2.5" hard disk on a desktop PC via a PCI slot. Because an already available UltraATA or SATA controller is used, the adapters are affordable at $25 and $35. Upgradeware throws in the necessary cable.

While the performance data of the HD25-I (UltraATA) exactly matches that of the separately tested hard drive, the variation with the serial ATA converter (HD25-IS) was somewhat disappointment first, showing a transfer rate of only 15 MB/s with certain systems such as our reference machine. However, any recent computer showed the SATA version to perform as fast as expected.

Upgradeware's idea, as expressed in this adapter, is certainly interesting in certain cases, such as a compact desktop PC that offers no drive bays for installing a hard disk. If you want to go this route, however, then only the UltraATA version is recommended, because the SATA version's drop in performance is unacceptable. If you have room for a conventional interface adapter though, that is the better choice.