A Sturdy Companion: Olixir Mobile Data Vault 3DX

Summary: Good Performance, Highly Flexible

The Olixir really does come close to fulfilling its goal of building the best external hard drive in the world. The performance values that we calculated are at a comparatively high level. Only models with FireWire interface (e.g. Western Digital Combo Drive 250 GB) deliver transfer rates that are even better. Here, it should be mentioned that we did not have the optional FireWire cable for the Mobile Data Vault 3DX, however.

Apart from its shock-absorbent design, this is the actual advantage of the drive: its almost unprecedented flexibility. Here we are talking more about the possible interfaces (in addition to FireWire and USB 2.0, a PCMCIA adapter can also be used) rather than the compact dimensions of the Data Vault 3DX. Moreover, Olixir Technologies serves the interests of ambitious users as well - the vault is offered in capacities of up to 250 GB.

The power pack included is appropriate for both 110 V and 220/240 V, which underscores the flexible nature of the Mobile Data Vault 3DX. Its weight, about 840 grams, is also less than that of comparable models from the better-known manufacturers.

However, you won't get your kicks for free: in contrast to the manageable prices mentioned on the Olixir website, you'll pay a small fortune for the Mobile Data Vault 3DX. But you should take into account the useful backup software from Dantz, as well as the generous warranty term of three years, which is unusual for hard drives.