A USB Enabled Sound Machine?

Introducing The Philips AZ2555 Sound Machine

At first glance the AZ2555 Sound Machine seems normal enough. It looks like many of the other modern boom box systems of this day and age. The marketing and information supplied by Philips would indicate that they are directly targeting the PC and game console user who wants additional usefulness from a boom box.

The AZ2555 Sound Machine offers a clean design that is both attractive and functional, but it is a little think in the middle.

The unit's design is clean and attractive. While it is a little thick across the middle, it appears to have been designed this way to house the two speakers and one sub woofer that make up the AZ2555 Sound Machine. The AZ2555's front is divided into four circular regions: two for the speakers, one for the sub woofer, and one for the controls and displays. It is styled in black housing with silver trim and red accents.

This picture of the back of the AZ2555 Sound Machine can give you a better idea of the porting of the speakers. Philips has ported these four inch speakers in such a way that you can really get a lot of sound out of this small box. You also might notice the RCA video pass through cable in the back, which connects to your TV, if you are using the AZ2555 Sound Machine with a console gaming system.

The most notable features of the AZ2555 Sound Machine are as follows: USB PC Link, which allows you to stream audio from your PC across the USB interface; Gameport Connection, which is a fancy way of saying that you can plug your console gaming system into the AZ2555 Sound Machine; Audio CD/ CD-R/ CD-RW Compatibility; Digital AM/ FM Tuner; Bass Reflex Speaker System (wOOx Technology); and the fully featured remote control with CD, volume, and tuner controls.