ABS Ultimate X9 Firefox Extreme - Gaming Performance for Less


This was at a Fragnation LAN party and hopefully it does not happen to your system.

RMA or return-to-manufacture authorization is the way of life for most manufacturers.

ABS is no different with its standard warranty. The boutique builders have much better hand holding and warranties with their systems. They want your business for the rest of your natural-born gaming life and their customer service is par none. This comes at a cost. Falcon Northwest has by far the richest warranty and it puts this on all of its premier units.

However, the majority of us do not have the $5,000+ to spend on their average system build. That is why ABS and many other system builders fill in the rest of the playing field. If there is an issue with the system within the first year, ABS is willing to fix the problem. However, the 70+ pound system will be yours to ship to ABS. That could be a bit pricy. This is where the extended "on-site" service is well worth the added cost. Buyers can upgrade their purchase beyond the three-year on-site warranty for $180. This would be well worth the heartache if you had to ship it back to ABS if a problem arises. Otherwise the buyer is stuck with generic cookie cutter parts and a labor warranty.