ABS Ultimate X9 Firefox Extreme - Gaming Performance for Less

System Settings

Frequencies And Voltages

One feature we have been including in our gaming system reviews is a set of tables to let you see how the system integrators get the performance out of their systems. Those of you who want to try overclocking and tweaking can take the settings below and get a rough estimate of how you can push your system faster, yet within the boundaries these builders guarantee. As you can see from the BIOS information, the processor has been overclocked using a faster front side bus frequency while maintaining a 11x multiplier. The memory is slightly overclocked and is running synchronously from the FSB clock frequency by a ratio of 3:4 (FSB to DRAM).

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SettingABSiBuyPowerFalcon-NWBiohazzardUnits / Explanation
CPU Frequency3.412.933.733.50GHz
CPU Multiplier11X11X11X12XTimes faster than the system clock
FSB (Effective Frequency)1245106613471167MHz
Ratio of Memory to FSB3:4UnlinkedUnlinked1:1Unlinked = Asynchronous operation
Memory Frequency82780010661167MHz (Effective Frequency)
SLI-Ready MemoryN/ADisabledEnabledDisabledIncreased drive strengths on certain timings and settings
Graphics Core Frequency743612648626MHz
Graphics Memory Frequency828108010001000MHz
CPU Core Voltage1.6500Auto1.65001.4875Volts
CPU FSB Voltage1.5Auto1.51.4Volts
Memory Voltage2.2000Auto2.20002.2000Volts
nForce SPPN/AAuto1.5001.500Volts
nForce MCPN/AAuto1.60001.5250Volts
Hypertransport VoltageN/AAuto1.3001.350Volts for the bus