ABS Ultimate X9 Firefox Extreme - Gaming Performance for Less


Now that is a lot of fans!

Inside the side panel you can see the wall of 120 mm fans. A safety mechanism cuts power to the fans as soon as the "wall of fans" door is swung open.

With the door removed, the rest of the case can be seen. The cabling is satisfactory, but then again, this is a value-performance system. Many boutiques will hide cables as much as possible and wrap the ones they cannot. ABS did a good job tying cables down to improve air flow but it would have been nice to see an even cleaner appearance. People are proud of their systems and will show them off (inside and out) to anyone they can.

The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 quad core processor is cooled by a Cooler Master's RL-EUL-GBU1-GP water-cooling system. This cooler retails for around $90 and operates at around 20 dBA.