Accelerated Compact Flash: The Addonics SATA CF Adapter

Installation With Bay Mounting Bracket

At first glance, the pre-assembled adapter for mounting in a 3.5" drive bay looks like a front-loading streamer tape solution. Flash storage devices are certainly suitable for data backup, but the costs per gigabyte are prohibitive compared to writeable DVDs and other typical backup solutions.

Installation With PCI Slot Bracket

Without a doubt, this solution is less than ideal for desktop PCs, since you have to be able to access the back of your system every time you switch cards, and many of today's PCs are minitower cases that get stowed under the desk. But the approach might make sense for rack servers, because 19" cases can be opened from the front as well as the rear. Anyone who's concerned about their storage media in a data center should therefore make sure that the rack is lockable.