Accelerated Compact Flash: The Addonics SATA CF Adapter

Addonics SATA To CF Adapter

The adapter package comes with a complete installation kit, including a drive bay mount for a 3.5" slot, and both standard-height and low-profile slot brackets. This lets the SATA CF adapter be used in a flat, compact 19" rack server.

Prior to installation, the board containing the read/write system for compact flash cards (type I or II) and the SATA interface chip, plus all the connectors, has to be screwed into one of the slot mounting brackets or the 3.5" bay mounting bracket. Then the device must be connected to a free port using the SATA data cable. Power is supplied via a small Molex connector.

The mechanism for inserting and ejecting CF cards is extremely simple, yet adequate. One should never use it forcefully, though that advice certainly applies to all CF readers.

In fact, the SATA CF adapter exceeds the specified performance of both card reader devices, so for ambitious users, the Addonics device results in some slight advantages even without using the fastest memory card of each type. These benefits only come to the fore, however, when you intend to work a lot with CF cards. That said, we also found that user-friendliness is not always a given (see the subsequent sections).