Affordable Alternatives: DDR400 Dual-Channel Chipsets for the Pentium 4

SiS 655FX: Reference Motherboard By SiS, Contined

Here it is: The new one. Its name is 964, sounds like a very old Porsche model, but in fact has nothing to do with it.

Now that's nice: Serial ATA for free. The SiS964 southbridge supports two devices.

This one is a proprietary engineering port that is used by SiS only. We won't ever see such a connector on a mass production motherboard.

USB, Ethernet, LAN, audio...

... even with digital output. Not bad for a reference board. But hey, it's meant to demonstrate how good the product works - including the sound unit.

Computer enthusiasts would actually love such buttons on their motherboards. They make it easy to turn your computer on and off and reset it without having to attach any cable.

Although the driver CDs are not important for you, the picture looks nice when you put the two directly to one another.