Affordable Alternatives: DDR400 Dual-Channel Chipsets for the Pentium 4

SiS 655FX: Reference Motherboard By SiS

Again I don't want to waste your time by talking about things that can be realized better by looking at the diagram.

The feature lists reads similarly like those from Intel or VIA chipsets: AGP 8x, dual UltraATA/133 interface, network interface, six channel sound controller, eight USB 2.0 slots and of course two Serial ATA ports, that can also be run in RAID mode 0, 1 or 0+1.

SiS addresses the lower segment of the performance desktop market. This becomes evident due to the fact that the 655FX does not incorporate features like ECC support or a gigabit Ethernet interface.

The reference board we received from SiS looks absolutely strange to normal users, but is convenient for developers or testers.

At the left side you can see a debug port from SiS. There is a fan on the Northbridge that comes with different colored LEDs - we wonder why this has to be done for an engineering board? Maybe it's part of the product concept...