Affordable Alternatives: DDR400 Dual-Channel Chipsets for the Pentium 4

VIA PT880 Aka Soltek SL-PT880E-RL, Continued

I guess it's probably more interesting to take a look at the chipset diagram above rather than reading, so I'll stop here.

Soltek is ready to launch a motherboard with VIA PT880 chipset soon. We received a sample, which obviously is an engineering model, but already working stable.

The chipset comes with the new southbridge called VT8237. It comes with the same features like the 8235 except additional USB ports and a Serial ATA controller.

Two ports are available right from scratch. Two more can be added easily by using VIA's SATAlite interface. Try pronouncing the first vocals of this one!

The box is not the final one, though they don't differ at Soltek.

Soltek's engineering sample was already very mature. It incorporates all common interfaces - including serial and parallel ports.