Alternatives to HP: Canon S520 and S750

Estimated Cost Per Page

The results couldn't be clearer. Pages printed on the S520 and S750 work out to be two to three times cheaper than on the Deskjet 5550, whose very slightly better quality is no excuse for such a difference.

A Few Figures

Both manufacturers claim that users change cartridges twice a year.

For HP, this means they print about 500 pages a year for a cost of US$110, or 142 euros for Europeans. This is about the equivalent of buying a new printer every year.

With Canon, two full cartridge sets total up to US$100 (102 euros) in ink. But with those two, you can print 900 pages, almost twice that of HP. And even after 900 pages in our test, only the yellow cartridge was empty. There was enough black left to print another 50 pages, enough magenta for 250 pages, and cyan for nearly 500.

The Score

Canon, 1 - HP, 0