Alternatives to HP: Canon S520 and S750

Canon S520 And S750, The Alternatives To HP

Ever since we published the results of our HP deskjet 5550 tests, we regularly get e-mails asking how to choose between the Canon S750 and the new HP. Put to the same tests, the Canon printers have lived up to their reputation. They are still very fast, still have the cheapest ink, and still produce results of very good quality.

Compared to the previous models, the S500 and S630, the S520 and S750 have faster motors and a particularly advantageous function - they can print without a border, which is something that the Deskjet 5550 cannot do. This feature alone could be a reason to choose a Canon printer. They reproduce the page layout perfectly, whereas the 5550 sometimes has surprises in store. Another big advantage of Canon printers is their cost per page, which is two or three times lower than that of HP inkjet printers.

The Tests

We ran the same tests as usual: text; compound; monochrome and color documents; ordinary, draft and high definition resolution; etc. You can read a detailed description here .