Alternatives to HP: Canon S520 and S750


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Printer ModelS520S750
Price (US)$129$169
Price (Europe)179 €249 €
Resolution2400 x 1200 dpi2400 x 1200 dpi
Number of cartridges44
Price for cartridge set (US)$50$50
Price for cartridge set (Europe)51 €51 €
Number of colors44
Speed, B&W14 ppm20 ppm
Speed, Color9 ppm13 ppm
ConnectivityUSB et //USB et //

S520, S750 Or Deskjet 5550?

The Deskjet 5550 is just right for those who only print occasionally (meaning less than 40 pages a month). It is very handsome, and looks lovely on a desktop with its pleasing colors. If the nozzles become clogged after being used for a long time, you just need to replace the cartridge and the printer will work as good as new. By contrast, the ink is expensive to ruinous proportions. Prints work out two or three times more expensive than on Canon printers with their separate cartridges.

The S520 and S750 are less good-looking, more rough-and-ready, and take up more room. But they are fast and economical; their prints are pretty much as good as those of the Deskjet 5550, and they are quiet. What's more, they can do border-free printing.

Unlike the HP, the print heads are not an integral part of the cartridge, so you need to print regularly to prevent the nozzles from suddenly clogging and to avoid the need for frequent cleaning and the resultant waste of ink.

So, in the end, if you print less than 20 pages a month and if you only print photos occasionally, go for the HP Deskjet 5550. If you tend to print more than that, get an S520 or S750. Then you will be able to tell whether the price difference between these two is justified by their respective speeds. Our own preference is for the S750.

Canon S520

Canon S750