AMD's Dual Core Athlon 64 X2 Strikes Hard

Athlon 64 Models Compared

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Athlon 64 X24800+2.4 GHz2x 1 MB90 nmToledo
Athlon 64 X24600+2.4 GHz2x 512 kB90 nmManchester
Athlon 64 X24400+2.2 GHz2x 1 MB90 nmToledo
Athlon 64 X24200+2.2 GHz2x 512 kB90 nmManchester
Athlon 64FX 552.6 GHz1 MB130 nmClawhammer
Athlon 644000+2.4 GHz1 MB90 nmSan Diego
Athlon 644000+2.4 GHz1 MB130 nmClawhammer
Athlon 643800+2.4 GHz512 kB90 nmVenice
Athlon 643800+2.4 GHz512 kB130 nmNewcastle
Athlon 643500+2.2 GHz512 kB90 nmVenice
Athlon 643500+2.2 GHz512 kB90 nmWinchester
Athlon 643500+2.2 GHz512 kB130 nmNewcastle
Athlon 643200+2.0 GHz512 kB90 nmVenice
Athlon 643200+2.0 GHz512 kB90 nmWinchester
Athlon 643000+1.8 GHz512 kB90 nmVenice
Athlon 643000+1.8 GHz512 kB90 nmWinchester

The table above shows all Athlon 64 processors currently available, with the exception of the X2 dual core models. AMD wants to announce them in June, with an official launch May 31 during Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. However, we do not expect the X2 to be widely available before Q3.

Some processor versions are marked red; these are the models that we no longer recommend, because they are based on the outdated 130 nm cores. They do support Cool & Quiet, and so are capable of reducing the core clock speed down to 1 GHz to save energy and reduce heat dissipation. But their larger feature size means they will consume more energy no matter what clock speed they are working at. In addition, the 90 nm Venice and San Diego cores also support the SSE3 extensions and come with small performance improvements. The streaming extensions, in particular, are proving to be useful with an increasing number of professional applications.

Currently, the Athlon 64 FX 55 can be considered the worst deal at AMD, since it is the most expensive product while based on the oldest core that is still shipping. The FX 57 will change this equation in AMD's portfolio.

  • thomasxstewart
    At time overpriced & people just wern't sure, after conroe & pricing problems of collaspe nature, by end of 2006 this was well established TOP End procesor.
    Coming to full fruitation by Summer '7.Yet, AM2 socket has been improved with on board main support(DDR3 & higher speed DDR2) of next level in AM2+, as well as AM3.
  • vexun11
    I remember thinkin' I was so bad having my amd x2 5600+ overclocked to 3.1 lol