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AMD Phenom vs. Athlon Core Shootout

Asus M3A32-MVP with AMD790FX Chipset

AMD provided an Asus M3A32-MVP for testing.

The Asus M3A32-MVP is based on AMD's brand new 790FX chipset, which supports PCI Express 2.0, HyperTransport 3.0 and ATI CrossfireX for up to three graphics cards working together. It was part of AMD's sampling kit and represents a pretty attractive choice for gamers. However, it is not necessary to run the Phenom; any other decent motherboard that is based on Socket AM2 will do.

The Asus M3A32-MVP comes with a massive heat pipe solution to cool the chipset and the voltage regulators.

Since the M3A32-MVP supports Crossfire with triple graphics cards, two bridge cables for Radeon HD cables can be found in the box.