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AMD Releases Duron 850

Celeron 800 - A Worthy Competitor?

Last week Intel launched Celeron 800. This might not really excite anyone and in fact my pulse hasn't risen about this news as well, but it is worth to point out that Intel has finally left its path of 'we castrate Celeron with 66 MHz bus clock to the bitter end'. The new Celeron 800 is indeed running at a 100 MHz processor bus clock (or FSB). This fact is able to improve its performance quite a bit, but unfortunately not enough to compete against Duron 750-850. Basically Intel is trying to prolong the lifespan of Celeron even further and sadly enough it will most likely be a successful attempt. From a performance standpoint Celeron has hardly any justification anymore, at least not against Duron and certainly not for its price.