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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Review

DTP, Office, Multimedia & Compression Performance

Although we usually don’t run our application benchmarks on overclocked processors, we're including the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X at stock and overclocked frequencies this time, since we wanted to know how AMD’s architecture scales in different scenarios.

To be fair, we also added a (reasonably) overclocked Intel Core i9-7900X to our results. This makes for an interesting comparison, especially when we see later that both AMD’s and Intel’s flagship processors break the 250W barrier during a rendering workload.

DTP & Presentation

Adobe’s Creative Cloud gives us a look at single- and multi-core performance. As such, it beats synthetic benchmarks as a productivity test.

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After Effects CC is a classic when it comes to parallelized tasks, with the number of cores easily being more important than frequency. Conversely, InDesign CC shows Intel’s Skylake-X in the back of the pack, whereas Core i7-7700K scores major points with its high clock rate. Likewise, AMD’s Ryzen 7 beats Ryzen Threadripper, regardless of frequency.

Adobe’s Illustrator CC leaves us scratching our heads in confusion: the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X lands in dead last. Overclocking doesn’t make much of a difference.

Encoding & Multimedia

It’s Threadripper’s time to shine in our HandBrake benchmark. AMD’s processors just crunch those numbers no matter the selected quality setting (even though Intel’s Core i9-7900X ends up right between the Threadripper CPUs with HandBrake set to normal quality).

The order changes at the more demanding high-quality setting. Intel’s large processor can only keep up if it’s overclocked quite a bit first.

Compression & Decompression

AMD's Threadripper processors continue their number-crunching winning streak when it comes to compressing large files. Again, they leave Intel’s Core i9-7900X in the dust, until it gets overclocked.

Intel’s Core i7-7700K easily beats the entire field in our decompression benchmark due to its higher frequency. Still, AMD’s Threadripper processors do well, and they once again best Intel’s Skylake-X flagship at stock clock rates.


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