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AMD Travels Through Time: Athlon XP 2800+ with Dual-DDR

Details On The Test Boards

Beta sample with the nForce 2 chipset : the Asus A7N8X.

Dual-Channel DDR400 : Asus A7N8X with Corsair memory modules.

On-board Serial ATA.

For this test, AMD gave us the Asus A7N8X, which is equipped with the nForce 2 chipset. Included with the package was an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro reference card, as well as two DDR400 memory modules from Corsair (512 MB with PC3200). At the same time, Nvidia sent in a reference board with the same chipset, although during testing, this proved to have some deficiencies. The stepping of the Northbridge (MCP CR18) is marked "A1," so the chips on the Asus board are of a more recent date. All of the test results are based on the Asus A7N8X rev. 1.02, although note that this board is also not in its final version.

View of the ports on the Asus A7N8X.