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AMD Travels Through Time: Athlon XP 2800+ with Dual-DDR

Details On The Test Boards, Continued

Detail of the BIOS settings.

Although we’re well supplied with various DDR400 modules from various manufacturers, the Asus A7N8X only works with the Corsair modules. The current market situation is such that none of the board manufacturers have received a final chipset from Nvidia. So it’s still not certain when this component will make its appearance. We’ve already discussed the details of the nForce 2 chipset in the previous article Full Power : NVIDIA Attacks With nForce2 .

In the test setup : the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro reference card.

DDR400 memory (512 MB, CL2.5) from Corsair for dual operation.

Comparison of Nvidia chipsets.