AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition Gaming Chair Review: With Great Design Comes Great Responsibility

Breathable material, big seat

AndaSeat Spider Man
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Tom's Hardware Verdict

The AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition gaming chair offers a premium range of adjustments, including 4D armrests, but lacks a full recline.


  • +

    + Easy to assemble

  • +

    + Easy to clean

  • +

    + Armrests adjust four different ways


  • -

    Spider-Man fans only

  • -

    High neck pillow

  • -

    Pricey at MSRP

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If you’re a Spider-Man fan, this gaming chair will have your spidey senses tingling. Not only does the AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition Gaming Chair do Peter Parker justice, it goes from work to play in a matter of adjustments. Whether lounging in a near-full recline or sitting upright, this chair will play hero by keeping you comfortable long term.

But at its $550 MSRP, AndaSeat’s Spider-Man Edition chair has a tough time competing with chairs in its high price range. If you can find it on sale, as we did for $275 as of writing, it’s a much better deal and one of the best gaming chairs you can buy. 

AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition Specs 

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Upholstery PVC leather 
Total Height (with base) 59.1 inches (150cm)
Seat Height 17.3-21.3 inches (43.9cm) 
Backrest Height36.2 inches (92cm)
Backrest Width (Shoulder Level) 18.7 inches 47.5cm
Seating Area Width (Total) 16.9 inches (43cm)
Seating Area Width (Point of Contact) 22.4 inches (57cm)
Seating Area Depth20.5 inches (52cm)
Armrest Width29.3-30.7 inches (74.5-78 cm)
Armrest Height3.1 inches (8cm)
Recommended Maximum Weight 330.7 pounds (150kg) rocking; 440 pounds (200kg) static 
Weight74.5 pounds (33.8kg)
Warranty Steel framework: lifetime; Parts: 2 years 
ExtraNeck pillow, lumbar pillow, mat 

Design of AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is the immaculate detail of the stitching and Spider-Man design. The black lines of Spidey’s suit are stitched throughout the chair, accompanied by the traditional red and blue colors of his costume. The backrest is where most of the design turns this into a hardcore Spider-Man fan chair. The black webbing comes together at the top of the chair, and the front and backsides of the chair feature a black Spider that can also be found on Spider-Man’s chest -- or, more accurately, your backrest. 

AndaSeat also throws in an extra large lumbar support pillow and a medium neck pillow. 

Spider-Man’s logo is also etched onto the bright red neck pillow with black-stitched webbing. Meanwhile, the lumbar support is mostly blue with red panels and the word Marvel professionally stitched in the center. The seat mimic’s Spidey’s pants and continues the fine black stitching. 

AndaSeat includes a red and black mat with a white spider in the middle, which adds to the ambiance of the chair. The mat is aesthetically pleasing and is a nice place to sit the chair on, assuming it’ll mostly be stationary at your desk and not rolling around much. It’s hard to roll the chair off the mat because it can get caught in the wheels. Besides that, the mat is the perfect size to sit at a desk. Since the mat is folded when it comes in the box, it had creases in it at first. As the creases started to go away, the chair’s wheels got caught in the mat less frequently.

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Where a lot of gaming chairs have an open hole near the neck area, the AndaSeat Spider-Man chair uniquely has those holes filled in with hard, white plastic. The plastic fill-ins can’t be removed, so the included neck pillow has to wrap around the headrest area of the chair’s back instead.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Beyond the eye-pleasing design, the AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition feels sturdy and well-built, especially for its $275 sale price. Rather than real leather, it uses PVC leather, which isn’t as long-lasting as the real thing but is easier to clean and should also be resistant to scratches.

The AndaSeat Spider-Man relies on a 5-star aluminum base with PU-covered wheels and the base feels strong and sturdy. The rest of the chair’s frame is constructed of steel with a 0.9-inch diameter. AndaSeat backs the framework of the chair with a lifetime warranty. 

Durability doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a problem with this Marvel-themed chair, which generally felt extremely sturdy. At no point in using the tilting mechanism or recline function or adjusting the armrests did the chair feel flimsy. 


Comfort and Adjustments of AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition

AndaSeat recommends its Spider-Man Edition gaming chair for people up to 330.7 pounds if you want to be able to rock backward, or up to 440.9 pounds if you don’t care about using that feature. It's also specked for people who are up to 6 feet and 11 inches tall.

With a lever underneath the chair, you can activate the chair’s tilt function, allowing it to rock back and forth, adjusting to your respective body weight. If you prefer to lounge horizontally though, the AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition chair also allows you to recline from its 90-degree standard position back to 160 degrees. 

This isn’t a full recline, which some similarly priced or cheaper gaming chairs, like the Cooler Master Caliber R2, allow by going back the full 180 degrees. You also can’t adjust the chair’s backrest closer to the screen than 90 degrees, should you want to lean in extra close to in-game action. The Secretlab Omega 2020 has an advantage there, allowing you to lean into an 85-degree position.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

But with great lounging, comes great responsibility, and this Spider-Man chair is ready for the long haul when it comes to hours of work too. It left me feeling comfortable and not-at-all fatigued after I remained  in a standard seated position for full shifts. The chair is mostly molded foam meant to offer high flexibility, yet proved dense enough for hours of use.

Meanwhile, the PVC faux leather feels breathable to the touch. I’ve felt PVC leather chairs that make me feel a little sweaty and stuck to the seat after long periods, but I didn’t have this issue with the chair’s seat or back. The vinyl also doesn’t feel thick or as dense as other chairs.

However, the chair would be more comfortable for people who are taller than me. I am 5’8”, and my head didn’t reach the headrest sitting atop of the chair’s 36.2-inch-tall back. That also means that my neck can’t reach the foam neck pillow, since it has to be wrapped around the headrest. 

The pillow ends up resting on the top of my head, which is uncomfortable. There is a zipper on the back of the pillow which reveals the stuffing which can be replaced. PVC leather is the material that makes the pillow. The leather on it feels nice, keeps cool, and the tangible stitching of the design didn't bother me.

This chair has a very large seat, which is great for people with bigger thighs. The seating area measures 16.9 inches across (the full width is 22.4 inches), significantly more wiggle room than the AndaSeat Jungle gaming chair’s 14.2-inch point of contact.

Since the foam lumbar support pillow is extra-large, it fits across the whole back of the chair. At first, it was a little inconvenient that the lumbar support pillow doesn’t strap onto the chair’s back because whenever I adjusted the tilt or recline, the pillow was susceptible to falling. Once you get the adjustments to how you like it, it stays in place.

Overall, what impresses me most about the AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition are its armrests. While some gaming chair armrests opt for hard plastic, the AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition chair’s armrests are covered in more premium PU leather. You can adjust the armrests forward and back to accommodate your tilt or recline. 

The up and down movements help with your shoulder height so your hands are at a comfortable level. The left to right adjustments allows you to choose how far you’d like your hands close to your body. And the last adjustment is pan, allowing you to tilt the front of the armrest inward or outward. This level of customization is in line with the AndaSeat’s high MSRP of $550 but much rarer in the AndaSeat’s current sale price of $275.

AndaSeat Spider Man

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Assembly of AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition

Putting this chair together was very simple, taking me roughly 30 minutes.

There are 13 parts to assemble including the backrest, seat, the piston mechanism, four wheels, base, and the two armrests. The hardest part was lining up the backrest and seat in order to put in the screws. 

Unlike with many gaming chairs though, this didn’t have to be a two-person job because once the backrest is secured it won’t move, even before the screws are placed in. The chair is a little heavy, weighing 74.5 pounds overall. Therefore, attaching it to the piston will be easier if you can get a friend to help.

Bottom Line

(Image credit: AndaSeat)

The AndaSeat Spider-Man Edition gaming chair offers a great experience from the assembly, to sitting and adjustments. It’s so easy to set up that you might be able to build it alone. Once it’s complete, it feels like a strong chair and offers a good range of adjustments for lounging, gaming and working.

As of this writing, the Spider-Man Edition chair is on sale for $275 at Amazon, which makes it a great deal, especially with its highly customizable armrest and detailed stitching and design work. But its $550 MSRP is higher than that of the Secretlab Omega 2020 ($359 MSRP), which features more premium real leather, a greater range of recline and pillows that are worthy of a spot on your living room couch.

If Spider-Man isn’t your favorite Marvel hero, AndaSeat also offers Ant Man, Iron Man and Captain America chairs with different adjustments and measurements. But the chair we reviewed screams Spider-Man so much that it’ll instantly give your home office comic book den vibes.

Still, the chair does its best to earn its price tag with an incredible amount of detail for Spider-Man fans that you’ll be hard-placed to find elsewhere.

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