Asus Bios Unlocks P4 Overclocking Potential

Asus P5AD2 BIOS Ad2p1000.063

All Asus has really done is to offer a BIOS version that enables the user to manually change processor settings from those that the processor otherwise requires. This way, the processor is literally fooled. As a result, it will only boot at multiplier x14 rather then x17 or x18 for the 3.4 and 3.6 GHz versions.

Overclocking To FSB1066 And 3.73 GHz With The P4 560

This is how a Pentium 4 Processor 560 at 3.6 GHz should usually be operated.

Here is what CPU-Z outputs after enabling the CPU Lock Free Feature.

Voila! Looks nice, doesn't it?