Asus Bios Unlocks P4 Overclocking Potential

Asus To Unlock P4 Multiplier For Overclockers

It can finally be done. Asus now delivers BIOS versions with its Socket 775 motherboards that allow you to tweak Pentium 4 Prescott multipliers, which represents a first step by a mobo maker to unleash the processor's overclocking potential.

While Asus' 'CPU Lock Free' mobo BIOS feature won't unlock the full potential of Pentium 4 multipliers, it does makes use of Intel Prescott's Performance Requirement Bit feature. It is now thus possible to unlock the multiplier for high-end P4 Prescott processor.

This news is not ground breaking, but significant all of the same. Think about running a Pentium 4 Processor 550 or 560 with a next-generation FSB1066, DDR2 at 350 MHz (DDR2-710) and a 3.72 GHz core clock speed? Sound like fun?

We dug our P5AD2 out of a stack of other motherboards, installed a new BIOS version Asus sent us and gave it a try.