Athlon Boosters - Three AMD 760 Boards for DDR SDRAM

Boost For DDR Technology: The AMD-760 Chipset

The fast-paced computer world shows the same scenario over and over again: What may be the latest thing today will be old news tomorrow. AMD's 760 chipset, the first building block of the SocketA platform to finally support the highly anticipated DDR SDRAM memory, could experience this very fate.

AMD sees itself not as a chipset developer but as a pioneer in new memory technologies. Its core business continues to be defined very clearly. The manufacturer exclusively produces Athlon and Duron processors.

The chipset business is for the most part left to the Taiwanese manufacturers, ALi, SiS and VIA. And even though the Taiwanese chipsets have not quite been able to match AMD's reference in the past, the manufacturer VIA has made its mark over the last year.

The AMD-760 chipset has been designed exclusively for the Socket462 platform. It can be used with AMD Athlon and AMD Duron CPUs.