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Athlon XP 2100+: AMD Turns Up The Heat

Office-/Internet-Performance: Sysmark 2002

The new 2002 version of the Sysmark benchmark recently came on the market; we've tested all 23 processors on the different platforms. In all three areas, the Athlon XP 2100+ ranked in the upper mid-range and performed similarly to a Pentium 4/2000 with Northwood core. One more thing about all AMD Athlon XP CPUs: compared to Intel's models, the AMD processors lag slightly behind because they lack enhancements.

All Pentium 4 CPUs with an FSB clock speed of 133 MHz and 533 MHz Rambus memory that are not yet available on the market were marked with a blue-and-black bar and are there only for reference purposes.

  • mrcmark
    ahh my first processor =D after 8 years it is still in good condition. im still using amd processor now. Phenom II x3 720