AthlonXP Underclocking for a Low-Power Fix

Applications For Quiet Computers

IPCop is freely available, Linux-based software that combines all important network services, including routing. A DSL router can thus be dispensed with, as both the range of functions and handling is much higher with these software solutions - and performance stays spot on thanks to a fully-fledged processor.

The permanent quest for more performance is what largely sustains the PC and components industry. However, as we mentioned above, maximum performance is not necessary for all applications. A majority of users these days run demanding applications that are primarily greedy for RAM. Typical applications for mid-range computers (running on Windows or on Linux) include storing and playing audio and image files.

The file server in the corner only needs a couple of hundred megahertz, toos - print and simple network services rarely require more to accommodate a reasonable number of clients.

While we're on the subject of network services, we should also mention routers. As a rule, stand-alone devices are used that may match up to DNS and DHCP servers, but only rarely have the muscle to make a large number of connections. The large peer-to-peer networks such as Emule and Bittorrent rely on a large number of connections in order to allow many users to exchange data as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the bottom line goal is for the PC to run as economically as possibly at all times. It should also be possible to control clock speeds and hence performance and power loss if necessary. This is precisely the option you have with a modified AthlonXP.

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