Ati's FireGL V5000: Worth the Wait?


It seems like Ati is taking more time between product launches of its OpenGL workstation products. With the introduction of its FireGL V5000, Ati finally closes a gap in its product portfolio after a longer-than-usual wait.

The card's X700 processor, code named R410GL, is based on a 110-nanometer process, unlike the majority of graphics processors, which are still manufactured with 130 nanometer processes. A benefit of the smaller production process is that the card's cooling solution can be simpler and therefore also much cheaper than that of its larger sibling, the V5100.

Since this product is aimed at the mid-range market with its price-tag of $699 (€630), potential customers can't expect the full feature set. Indeed, the processor only comes with eight-pixel pipelines and six geometry units. It does however offer an interesting feature in its support for Dual Link monitor connections, which allows the use of very high resolutions of 1600x1200 and greater on flat screen monitors that use the TDMS-PanelLink system.

The Retail Package of the FireGL V5000

Uwe Scheffel