Attractive Features: General-Purpose Inkjet Printers

HP Deskjet 990cxi

The luxury version of the Deskjets is the 990cxi. Launched at the start of 2001, it is one of the few HP printers of this period that is still being sold.

It is pretty much a 960c. Apart from the first page test, the output times for the 990cxi differ by 1 to 5% from the 960c. They probably have the same motor. In addition, it too has a paper analysis sensor (cf. previous page). On the other hand, and this explains the price difference, the 990cxi comes with a duplex unit as a standard feature whereas it is an option on the 960c.

The times given above are those from the printer without the duplex unit. When this is turned on, the 990cxi is even slower: 1.2 ppm in color and 1.6 ppm in B&W. Even so, it can still be very useful if you are printing reports, dissertations or business leaflets, etc.

Like the other Deskjets, we tested the 990cxi with "single-content" cartridges. For your information, if you use "double-content" cartridges, the cost per page in color and B&W can drop by about 10%.

Again, print quality is the same as the 932c, 940c and 960c, so no need to go into further detail, just read the previous pages. Broadly speaking: very good text, excellent color documents, beautiful photos, dots still perceptible, good color reproduction (see section on the Deskjet 932c for more details).