Avivo vs. Purevideo, Round 1: The Radeon X1000 vs. Geforce 7000 Generation

DVD Quality Enhancement 3: Noise Reduction

Compressed video will always have noise artifacts in solid colors or smooth gradients. This can be reduced with good noise reduction.

Noise Reduction Test: Out of 10 points

This test shows scenes that are plagued with noise artifacts. Good noise reduction erases most of these artifacts.

The noise reduction test

Software: 0 points
The Cyberlink PowerDVD software can't be expected to do this kind of intense video processing.

ATI Avivo: 10 points
Avivo does an incredible job smoothing out Noise. You have to see it to believe it. It earns a full 10 points.

Geforce Purevideo: 10 points
Nvidia also eliminates noise well enough for the full 10 points - that is, if you turn the option on in the driver panel. We set the noise reduction slider in the Nvidia control panel to 100% and the result is very good, definitely competitive with Avivo's noise reduction.

Noise Reduction w/Motion test: out of 10 points

Noise reduction can have problems with moving objects if it is not done well. This test shows scenes with noise and motion. Good noise reduction will remove the noise without creating visual artifacts around the moving objects.

The Noise Reduction with Motion test

Software: 0 points
No noise reduction for the software.

ATI Avivo: 10 points
Once again, Avivo's noise reduction merits a perfect score of 10. Not only is it good, but it deals with motion very well. Exceptional.

Geforce Purevideo: 10 points
Purevideo also handles noise reduction paired with motion quite well, for another 10 points.