Backup Masters: Three Streamers at 10, 50 and 100 GB

Test Results - Backup Time

You can clearly see that the Seagate Viper 200 is definitely the fastest drive, as it only took 5 min. and 20 sec. To backup my test data of 2.07 GB. Tandberg's drive took double the time but produced less noise. The USB streamer from Seagate required almost two hours for this backup.

Backup Performance

I provide you with two numbers per drive: The performance we measured in our tests and also the number which the manufacturers name on their website. As you can see, the real world performance is quite far away from the 'official numbers.

Time For Maximum Capacity Backup

To give you some more numbers to think about, I did some more backup runs. This time I wanted to know the time for a total backup (filling the tape completely). Seagate's Viper 200 should be the fastest again. Unfortunately, I did not have any drive array which could have provided 100 GB of data, so this number is estimated. The two other results (Tandberg and TapeStor USB) reflect the test results.