Backup Masters: Three Streamers at 10, 50 and 100 GB

Tandberg SLR100

The SLR100 is the top model in Tandberg's SLR streamer family (100 GB compressed, 50 GB uncompressed). It is available in capacities of 12 to 50 GB. The drive was noticeably slower than the Viper 200 from Seagate, but quieter as well. A nice feature is the ability to adjust the transfer speed to the interface via a system called 'auto-sensing'.

Here you can see the back of this external drive. Tandberg provides an active SCSI terminator and a 80-pin SCSI cable (0.9 m). The ID has to be chosen the classic way, i.e. by setting it at the back of the device. I liked the sealing of the drive cooler, which prevents dust from getting inside the case.

That's how the front of the drive looks.