Backups To Disk: Four Tape Alternatives Put To The Test

Iomega Rev External SCSI

As the REV drive from Iomega now enjoys a huge following, we got hold of the external SCSI model for this test. Storage capacity is constant at 35 GB. The 90 GB claimed by Iomega as achievable under data compression is certainly not feasible with mixed data. If the data consists mainly of uncompressed image data or text files, then perhaps these compression rates can be achieved.

Other included software: the Automated Backup utility from Iomega and Yosemite's Tapeware. Support for common backup solutions has in any case improved since our last test to such an extent that a REV drive can in many cases now be addressed like a streamer. This means it is also possible to replace tape devices at the limits of their capacity with a REV, without completely changing the software in use.

As little has changed technically to date, we refer you at this point to our test of the REV drive from late May 2004.