Getting More Bang Out of Your Dual Processing Buck

Synthetic - DirectX 9


As you can see, the benchmarks show that using the THG utility boosts performance for some applications. While the benchmarks may have recorded a few seconds of time saved, that could translate into two-and-a-half hours over the course of a particular day.

Some applications, however, may run more slowly. You have to find out for yourself if our utility will help you in your own situation - the only way to find the right settings is by trial and error.

The THG utility, and its automatic task assignment, is at its most useful if you frequently run two applications without HT support.

  • MorningDarkstar
    Nice idea! Only one major malfunction - No minimize button! Most of us do not want to be annoyed by having this app open all the time.... Better yet would be a nice little icon sitting in the taskbar available instantly and automatically each time Windoz is started....
  • GameR
    I have heard many good things about this but for me it wont work on ether of my computers.The first cpu is a dual core with xp os.The second is a Qcore with vista 64.The games im trying to assighn still only use the one core :(.But very nifty tool for most users.
  • jonnyt822
    If you want to minimize the application, just need to create a batch file (.bat) and write this command:

    start /m C:\taskassign\TaskAssign.exe

  • pxegeek
    Please fix the link to the utility!

  • dwebb5
    Century22: Please find this software.
    The Download is not working.
  • I know this is like... way dead, but I was reading here and then found that the download was broken, a quick Google search revealed the answer to me and I figured I would post it here for convenience.
  • Here is a download link:
  • userhead
    start /min C:\taskassign\TaskAssign.exe