Battle of the Minis: Soltek vs. Shuttle

Design Comparison: QBic EQ3000 Vs. SB51G/ SN41G2

Shuttle on the left and Soltek on the right: the EQ 3000 bears a close resemblance to a small PC tower.

Front view of both barebone systems.

Just like its counterpart from Shuttle, the Soltek barebone PC comes with plenty of accessories. Apart from the case, which includes a motherboard based on the Intel 845 GE chipset and a mini power supply, the package includes brackets for fitting two hard disks and two CD-ROM/ RW/ DVD drives. With two 5.25" bays, the QBic EQ3000 offers more space than the Shuttle. Soltek relies on conventional cooling rather than on the heat pipe of the SP51G or SN41G2 models. The customer is required to fit the Intel P4 fan or a special fan from a computer components supplier. As a result, thermal problems with the Soltek will not arise as long as you don't try to install two hard disks sandwiched together.

Soltek recommends the standard Intel cooler.