Battle of the Minis: Soltek vs. Shuttle

Interfaces: From Front USB 2.0 To SP/DIF

Looking at the list of features, we see that both Soltek and Shuttle have equipped their barebone systems with every conceivable interface. These include FireWire (IEEE 1394), USB 2.0, digital audio (SP/DIF) and analog audio inputs and outputs, which, in the case of the Soltek, have even been located on the front panel. On the rear panel you will find FireWire (Shuttle only) and USB 2.0, as well as a network connection and a VGA output. The Soltek QBic EQ3000 doesn't offer a TV output like the Shuttle SN41G2 (AMD platform only). Hardly worth mentioning are the two PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard and the serial COM ports (on the Soltek).

Case front: what more could you want? All the important interfaces are accounted for.

View of the rear of the barebone system.