Battle of the Minis: Soltek vs. Shuttle

OpenGL Performance: "Quake 3 Arena"

Two time demo runs of Quake 3 Arena showed that the Shuttle system based on an Intel CPU and GeForce-4 graphics card achieves the highest frame rate. Only the Gigabyte board was able to achieve a marginally higher rate with the same board components, but the difference was less than two frames a second. In both tests, the performance of the onboard graphics in the AMD system (SN41G2) was astonishing - 250 and 120 frames per second. By contrast, the onboard graphics of the Intel 845-GE chipset really looked their age: 140 and 50 frames per second. Not only that, but picture quality was much poorer, too. Nevertheless, we can see that all the mini systems delivered an identical performance to their ATX equivalents.