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Battlefield 3 Performance: 30+ Graphics Cards, Benchmarked

Benchmark Results: Nvidia Graphics Cards, Low Quality

Sliding back to older cards requires giving up a lot of quality. And even then, you can’t expect really great things from such dated hardware.

The GeForce GTX 260, GTS 250, and 9800 GTX are marginally playable at 1680x1050 at Low quality settings. From there, the numbers get less tolerable.

More problematic, though, is the fact that those are DirectX 10 cards. And, as we saw on the previous page, with a DX 10-based board installed, Terrain Quality gets dialed back to Low. This applies even if you have the High quality preset selected. The resulting shadows projected on the walls look like huge, blocky triangles that completely detract from an otherwise-gorgeous game.