be quiet! Straight Power 11 1000W

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Final Analysis

be quiet!'s 1000W Straight Power 11 features impressive build quality and achieves good benchmark results. However, tough competition means it doesn't fare particularly well in our relative performance and value charts. The company is putting forth a strong effort to do battle in a space dominated by Corsair and EVGA. But if it wants to succeed, it needs to hit lower prices or improve in the measurements we observe.

The E11-1000 is based on a fresh platform from FSP that uses high-quality components, including a fluid dynamic bearing fan. Transient response is merely average, though, and efficiency should be a bit higher. We do appreciate the 3000-hour bulk caps rated for 105°C, since competing PSUs employ 2000-hour caps. We usually only find those premium capacitors in server PSUs. Another of the E11-1000's advantages is its high-performance 5VSB circuit.

With a little higher efficiency (especially under light loads) and improved transient response, the 1000W Straight Power 11 would come a lot closer to Corsair's RM1000x. That's one of the most popular PSUs in this category, combining good performance and quiet operation.

Speaking of low noise output, it seems like be quiet! didn't pay much attention there, even if it seems strange for a company so well-known for its silent products. The E11-1000 didn't impress us with its acoustic performance; once the ambient temperature exceeds 39-40°C, the fan goes wild. Worst-case, it gets close to 50 dB(A) of noise output, which is really loud! Given high-quality components and (mostly) passive cooling of the +12V FETs, we believe FSP could have tuned the fan profile better. A few years ago, we wouldn't have complained. But nowadays there are similar-capacity PSUs at comparable price points pumping out less noise. On top of that, they include longer warranties, too. As a result, it's hard for us to recommend the E11-1000 over superior competitors.

The E11-1000 does have its strengths, including impeccable build quality. But a high price is responsible for a lackluster value score. be quiet! needs to reduce its price by $20 or $30 at least if it wants to survive against compelling competition. Moreover, a mere six PCIe connectors will steer miners away from this model since similar-priced PSUs with 1kW of capacity usually offer eight PCIe connectors.

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