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Big CPU Shoot Out: Intel Launches New Celeron with Mendocino Core and Pentium II 450

3D Gaming Performance

Blue bar: standard clock

As you can see, the new Celeron is again scoring pretty much identically to the Pentium II at the same clock rate. Note that AMD is now extremely close to releasing the 3Dnow! Patch for Quake 2 3.17, which will open the world of Internet multiplay to all of the K6-2 owners. I had the luck to run a pre-release version of this patch, which didn't give me the slightest problems. The K6-2 scores in two cases better than the Pentium II at the same clock rate, only at 350 MHz the slower L2 cache of the K6-2 makes it fall behind a little. There's no news about the pretty sad scores of the Cyrix MII/IBM 6x86 in Quake 2, so that I still have to advise against those CPUs for any 3D gamer.