Does Cache Size Really Boost Performance?

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  • enzo matrix
    this is awesome
  • Mousemonkey
    Anonymous said:
    this is awesome

    It's taken you two years for that? :p
  • HansVonOhain
    Great article. :D
  • Anonymous
    I like, it was helpfull read. no one could addord core 2 duo's in 2007 now we can, I didnt see yourcomment in 2007 HansVonOhain.
  • Anonymous
    I really loved this article.

    Thx "tomshardware" :)
  • Anonymous
    Memory were all so cheap all of a suddenly
  • blueme
    Nice review!

    ~3 years ago I had the E8300 2.83 Ghz with 6MB cache for ~200$
    Now I have the E3200 with 1MB cache, overclocked at 2.88 for 20$

    The performance difference is negligible at best, especially considering the price. And although the E8400 doesn't cost that much, it's still around ~80$ used.
  • isidroco
    I disagree with the conclusion, CACHE size does NOT matter, most cases are with less than 10% (with a max of 15% in winrar) difference between 1mb and 4mb. 10% is too little to be noticed in real world applications, there is no difference in waiting 9 or 10 seconds...