CES 2007: EA Mobile comes of age, Tetris still addictive

Las Vegas (NV) - Alongside the feast of cool cell phones with all their new bells and whistles EA Mobile has been showing just how they have matured in the past year from JAMDAT, the developer of casual games like Tetris, into an EA powerhouse; taking advantage of the (relatively) huge amounts of power now available for gaming in mobile phones.

Medal of Honor, Fight Night, Sim City and The Sims 2 are some of the titles EA Mobile has ported across from the parent companies line up. While mobile games might be said to be true to their namesakes on consoles and PC's in spirit only, the new breed of mobile games seem to have caught up tremendously from the days of 2D.

The boxing game Fight Night, for example, was shown on a standard flip-phone in all its motion captured glory, sweat and all pouring off of the athletes. It's worth noting the leaps and bounds forward for, as the PR chappies pointed out, if you haven't touched mobile gaming in a long time you might be surprised to find that, apart from screen sizes, cell phones have surpassed many favoured consoles of yore in sophistication.

EA Mobile has also been sticking close to some of its roots by putting casual games onto the iPod, as sold via iTunes. Your correspondant quite unwittyingly found out just how addictive Tetris still is by spending a good 15 minutes hogging up an iPod at the EA Mobile booth.