CES 2007: Nobint Falcon showcases 3D touch device - think a mouse, only better

Las Vegas (LV) - The surefire way to find a decent product at CES Unveiled is to look out for the nice innovation award plaques displayed on tables. Nobint Falcon was one such company able to wear their badge of honour with pride as they showcased their 3D touch device - basically a 3D mouse which also manages to convey a sense of real touch.

Good mainly for video games, though also we'd presume for 3D operating systems such as Windows Vista, the controller allows one to move up, down, sideways; and also back and forth. The really cool thing about it is that it will allow you to "feel" objects; a ball, a bat or a rifle, for example, using motors in the controller to simulate the sensations.

Combined with motion sensitivity, increased battery capacities and wireless throughput I can see this sort of technology evolving into the Wii-like areas of gaming. One can also see, ahem, practical uses for this in the adult end of the computing world.

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