CES 2007: The unusual stuff

Las Vegas (NV) - Some people take CES all too seriously. There are lots of vendors at the show who know how to have a little fun and still make a dollar. We have picked three examples.

The folks from BadDog Tools demonstrate and sell their tools right on the CES show floor. Of the three BadDog reps in the booth, this gentleman had the most energetic pitch and as you can see he really got into drilling through all those two-by-fours.

From Dream comes this dreamy AM/FM radio with iPod dock. At first we thought those four salt and pepper shaker like thingies were, well, salt and pepper shakers. Nope. They're actually tubes that glow in colors that match the color scheme of each radio.

We're not sure if Atech Flash Technology is simply fulfilling a need or slyly commenting on iPods or even the music that most people play on them. This is about the most unusual product we saw at CES. Look for this one at www.atechflash.com. It's called iCarta.