Clash Of The OC'd Titans: Athlon XP 2300+ vs. Pentium 4/3000

3D-Rendering Performance: SPECviewperf "Lightscape"

AMD Athlon 2300+ tops the record, beating the Intel Pentium 4/3000 with DDR SDRAM. Only the Rambus system, together with the Pentium 4/2600, can achieve better scores.

MPEG-2 Video Encoding MPEG-2: Pinnacle Studio 7

The Intel Pentium 4/3000 is significantly faster than the Athlon XP 2300+ at creating an MPEG 2 film with Pinnacle Studio 7. Thanks to RDRAM, the Pentium 4/2600 can almost keep up with the Pentium 4/3000.