Computex 2008 Wrap-Up


We also got to spend some private time with Intel engineers and what we saw was astonishing to say the least. Behind closed doors, we had the chance to look at the Nehalem family, and can confirm that Intel has a real winner on its hands. Not only was the chip in question fast, it was also extremely efficient at handling a number of processes.

The chip we took a look at was a 4-core Nehalem processor with Hyper Threading enabled, giving a total of 8 logical processes in Windows Vista. We saw several technology demos running including a highly intuitive photo gallery app that cut through high resolution photos with ease. Not only did Intel demonstrate the app, but the Nehalem test system also included a prototype touch screen device mounted on a traditional 30-inch Dell LCD. Touch based navigation was slick and smooth.

Intel also demonstrated video editing with a 1080p video loaded in Sony Vegas. The system handled the large video file (over 1GB) with ease and made video editing look as simple as photo editing. Performance was unquestionable.

The most impressive part however, was Nehalem’s clock speed, which we were told and can confirm was far beyond anything available on the market today. Although we can’t reveal how fast the actual clock speed was at, keep in mind that several months ago, we took a look at a Penryn chip running at 4 GHz. The Nehalem part is definitely within the same ballpark as PenrynOn - and air cooled non the less.

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  • sidereus
    more babes ?
  • MJBatson
    A review with half of the review just pictures of booth babes is just stupid. This just shows what immature people are being allowed to write articles for Tom's. I thought this was an electronic review site, and not an adult site. Tom's has been slipping for years. This is the highlights they came back with from the show? I think they need to fire the people that where sent, and get mature people who look more at the new electronics and less at the booth babes. If you want to take pictures of the booth babes for your own, keep them to yourself and friends. They do not need to show up in a review.
  • evilshuriken
    You wanna know what I think MJBatson?
    I think you're just butthurt because you haven't gotten your AMD 48xx series benchmark fix.

    However, I think hexus got way better coverage then toms this time around... toms is getting lame lately.
    Still you're overreacting.
  • mothballd2
    First; just because a word passes a spellcheck does not mean its the correct word. Edit your frickin articles! Second, if I want a bunch of softcore picts of Asian chicks, I'll Google it. Stick to technology and leave the softcore bs to car shows and search engines.

    And yes, I realize my grammar probably sucks. But I'm not trying to run a website or write news articles.
  • Preytor
    Tom's has yellow fever?
  • Anonymous
    ^ this is crap the nehalem is running past 4 ghz? that doesn't mean sh*t to me... I wish it had a lower clock speed and that performance... I heard it was at 2.66 ghz... but if its past 4 ghz... that seems like crap... even though it is still much faster... it would have had a much larger impact if the ghz was less
  • Lozil
    Ya This time Surely Tom's has missed the Coverage... They were busy clicking Booth Babe Photos Under Proper Lighting than the Actual Hardware around there...

  • nukemaster
    I have to say, for a hardware site the coverage did suck this time around. I fully agree with those above.
  • Anonymous
    OK, maybe they exaggerated a bit with the boothbabes in this article, but if you don't like it, you can skip the pages. For the future it will be best if TH will make a special article with the boothbabes and update it as they make more pictures. That way everybody will be happy. I'm sure the boothbabes article will be read as much as the rest.
  • TauAs
    I don't want more ugly babes.
  • Tattysnuc
    While I don't resent the "Asian chicks and Harware" fetish site that Tom's has become, I have to heartedly agree with the sentiment of the posts regarding the coverage.

    Once there was a time when Tom's was pioneering tests asking all the questions that we wanted to know the answer to, such as "what does happen when the HSF comes off" and "Would and Oil cooled pc work" etc. However I find myself looking elsewhere, and flicking back since Toms became a regionalised news service, mostly due to the content.

    Tom's you've let your journalistic standards drop. If this article is representative of the show, then there were a few hardware manufacturers presenting products that every other web site has already covered in the past few weeks/months and a few "babes" to keep you from actually looking at the products.
  • badboy4dee
    MJBatson ....STFU!
  • Reynod
    Totally ignore MJBatson because he is a n00b not worthy of making a comment.

    We appreciate the fine pictures.

    Your site here has a nice tasteful collection.

    My vote is still with the girl from Chaintech ... holding the card with the free Apogee game. 8/20 first review.

    Marketing people can see the connection there ...

  • joebob2000
    OK I admit when I went down the first page of this article and got to the comments I thought "oh man what a bunch of prudes, they are complaining about a few pics of booth women?". I continued to read it and low and behold, there were a few pages of said content. And then a few more. And then I got to the page called "A wrap" thinking "OK, here I go, some insightful conclusions on the product news at the show, perhaps?" and sure enough, MORE BOOTH BABES! *That* is the definition of "too much of a good thing". I sure don't mind a few pics here and there, hell the show is more about marketing than anything else and there is a reason these women are paid to dress up like that and pose for you. But, when the last article of your series finishes with a page called "A Wrap" that is apparently nothing more than a wrap-up of the most attractive women at the show, you have waved goodbye to technology journalism and are now dangerously close to reporting for
  • pogsnet
    yawn* get over it people. Be realistic! Babes are there, its not porn or whatever you malicious thinking people, fudzilla and others also include babes in the article since they are the muses of the tech company they represent.

    Anyway, I don't see any new about the this article.