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Tom's Hardware's AMA With Cooler Master, In Its Entirety

The Return Of Cosmos, The HAF XB, And All-In-Ones

After being live for a full 24 hours, the Cooler Master  “Ask Me Anything” has officially concluded!

Epic thanks to the Cooler Master representatives who took the time out of their schedules to come and answer all the great questions our community had for them. We know this was a lot of work on their end, and we're greatly appreciative of the time taken to engage with the community here at Tom's Hardware. :)

For answering so many questions, a big thank-you to Jon, Nate, Nic, and Rajiv for the quick responses (and dubious rickrolling). Also, last but not least, a mega-thanks to Lulu Lin at Cooler Master for helping to put this together on their end and securing the time and info required to feed our ravenous fanbase the goods on what Cooler Master is up to.

Tom's Hardware Ask Me Anything: Cooler Master

Q. When do you plan on releasing the HYPER212X in the USA?

A. Right now, we haven't had any timetable for the release of this version. As for the reasoning, I'll leave it up to Jon to explain

Q. As a case manufacturer, do you plan on releasing an “all in one” case for system builders anytime soon?

A. There is nothing like this on the timeline, but it's not completely out of the question. Personally, I believe the market that buys all-in-one units has no desire to build their PC and looking for something with the smallest footprint for basic computing needs, so competing against the ready built system puts us at a serious disadvantage. We've thrived on providing unique system build options with our cases and I don't see that changing any time soon. There is still a budding PC enthusiast community out there and we are going to find ways to bring attention back to the excitement and fun of PC building.

Q. I love the look of the HAF XB! Any plans on a green one?

A. Haha!Color is always very subjective. I doubt we'll go into color options, but you can always mod it/paint it!

Q. Hi guys. I'm a big fan of the Cosmos 2 and I'm wondering if you're planning on a refresh of it or something new. So basically, what are your plans with the Ultra Tower segment and when will we expect to see something happen?

A. [Rajiv] We definitely have something new coming up this year that we're excited about. It's too early to share details, but we think it is going to really make enthusiasts and modders excited and give that 'wow' factor to everyone in general.

[Jon] Everyone in Cooler Master has a little Cosmos love in their hearts. This means to say that we have Cosmos future products planned in the pipeline. I can't say exactly what they will be or when they will be released, but I can confirm that there are traditional and non-traditional products planned. Cosmos is one of the only Cooler Master chassis that has never been copied. What makes it so unique of course are the aluminum handles and exacting design. Any chassis maker can make a huge box, but only Cooler Master can make a Cosmos.